Great news!

According to the United Nations’ recent estimate, the world’s human population will hit 7,000,000,000 late next month.

Considering that the human population was only 2 billion as recently as 1925, we have perfected a truly remarkable model of steady gains. I mean, 350% growth in only 86 years? Amazing!

Why, in just the last 50 years we went from a measly 3 billion to 7 billion; I think we really have done something exceptional.


What special bonuses do we have as a result of our inability to prevent unwanted pregnancies (despite having the knowledge and methods to easily do so)?

Well take a look at some of these fabulous prizes (these figures come from the Global Issues website, an invaluable resource for educating yourself on the state of the planet, you can see the statistics and sources here):

–       At least 80% of humanity (that’s 5,600,000,000 people) lives on less than $10 (US) per day.

–       According to UNICEF, at least 22,000 children die every day due to poverty.

–       About 1 billion people (that’s one out of seven) can’t read a book or sign their name.

–       About 1.1 billion people lack reasonable access to clean water and roughly 2.6 billion do not have basic sanitation.

–       Nearly half of all children in the world live in poverty.

–       Of the 2.2 billion children in the world, 1.9 billion of them are in developing (that means “poor”) countries.

Think none of this really applies to the US? Then consider this:

–       The US has the widest gap between rich and poor of any industrialized nation.

As the population continues to grow, what sort of planet might these new residents be welcomed by when they enter the world?

–       A refined landscape more suitable and beneficial to their needs thanks to human ecological footprints.

–       Oceans that are home to more than 400 dead zones (and rising) worldwide.

–       Beautiful farmland for crops or cattle grazing where useless rainforests and ordinary grasslands once stood.

–       Soil depleted of minerals and devoid of microorganisms.

–       Once worthless wetlands drained for the purposes of agriculture, groundwater, and peat extraction.

And how are other residents of the planet faring? Well, let’s just say in the struggle for existence, humans are definitely winning (these figures come from the Center for Biological Diversity’s website – a wonderful organization):

–       Species are disappearing at least 1,000 times faster than normal throughout the planet’s history.

–       99% of the world’s threatened species are at risk directly from human activities; namely habitat destruction, introduction of invasive/exotic species, and global climate change.

–       About 30% of the amphibian species in the world (20% in the US) are at risk of dying out.

–       About 12% of bird species in the world (9% in the US) risk extinction.

–       Over 1850 species of fish are at risk.

–       Roughly 21% of the world’s mammal species (9% in the US) are at risk. Same for reptiles.

–       An estimated 1 in 3 plant species in the US (1 in 8 worldwide) are at risk.

–       Scientists have now concluded that humans are the cause behind the “Sixth Mass Extinction” to occur over the planet’s last half-billion years. An achievement previously relegated to events such as asteroid strikes, massive volcanic eruptions, and long-term natural climate shifts.

Just look at all we have going for us! We’re really beating the crap out of all those other pesky species that try to ruin the progress of our businesses and steal all of our food and water!

Why, at this rate, in a few short decades humans could be the undisputed champions in Earth’s great “Fight-for-Life” challenge. We’ll be standing triumphantly, isolated and alone, atop a barren sphere chock full of polluted wetlands, destroyed forests, mangled jungles, grasslands long-since plowed under, poisoned water everywhere, and not a single species left to challenge us. Humans – Victors at last!

My God, it’ll be beautiful.