I’ll admit I know very little about the machinations within the House Democratic Caucus. I have no doubt the strings and chains of its internal workings are beyond my comprehension and it would likely disgust me to understand them.

That said, I’m really upset that Pelosi has retained the post of Minority Leader. Even more so that my congressman, a ranking member of the Progressive Caucus, supported her in her bid.

So I wrote him today.


Dear Congressman,

I am writing to express my extreme disappointment in your support of Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader.

If the recent election proved anything, it is that the American people are tired of the establishment. They are thirsty for change; indeed so parched as to elect a vapid, narcissistic bully who offered little more than the false promise of it. Regardless of the electorate’s choice, the obvious rejection of Secretary Clinton and her entrenched political history, despite decades of experience and savvy, speaks volumes.

That said, I fear you are still not listening.

Regardless of her leadership and tenure, Representative Pelosi typifies the Democrats’ same tired, ineffective approach to governance. She carries decades’ worth of a controversial, centrist, and frankly unimpressive legacy forward into these dangerous and uncertain times.

It is time for Democrats to abandon their familiar, lackluster, “business-as-usual” approach to party and policy and finally embrace the progressive values that can boldly transform their party into the champion we so desperately need it to be: environment, social and economic justice, and fighting the plutocratic domination of our government at every level.

The American People, Democrats, and especially Progressives want to see real, substantive change in our government, our party, and our approach to policy-making.

This was not a good start.

Please Congressman, effect change—real change—in the Democratic Party. Otherwise, I fear its death knell has rung.