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So I took a year off.Female2

Not purposefully. I didn’t do it in protest over the cancellation of Good Girls Revolt or randomly say last March, “I’m going to refrain from blogging for one year.” It just sort of happened.

Not that there was a shortage of things to write about. I mean, the year was loaded!

Route 91 festival, Russiagate, hurricanes, wildfires, Trump BS, North Korean BS, NFL protests, a landmark corporate handout tax bill, and Stoneman Douglas.

We lost great contributors to our culture like Tom Petty, Chuck Berry, Chris Cornell, Walter Becker, Don Rickles, and Mary Tyler Moore.

There was plenty to write about, and it’s not that I didn’t have anything to say; I did. I just didn’t feel like saying any of it would have mattered. I’m coming to terms with the notion that my opinions on issues, art, culture, and society are largely irrelevant; regardless of what I think, the world keeps moving in a direction that appears almost incongruent with my beliefs. It seems the harder I push in one direction, the more forcible the opposing reaction.

Thankfully, the fate of all things does not rest on me or my beliefs and there is no force more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Read the rest of this entry »


FemaleThis post is dedicated to the finer gender, endowed with prudence, grace, beauty, and compassion.
May the world mirror your shining example.

Tonight I finished watching the first (and now only) season of Amazon Video’s Good Girls Revolt.

It has been an excellent viewing experience: captivating, fun, poignant, reminiscent, educational, and above all, feminist.

The period drama portrays varied and realistic (if dated) female characters cast against the backdrop of a weekly, national news magazine chronicling the tumultuous end of the sixties, the then-endless Vietnam War, and a historic push forward for the advancement of women. Over the course of 10 engaging episodes, these women struggle, grow, and eventually unite around a call for equal opportunity that, sadly, still rings true 47 years later.

I suppose, then, it is no surprise that Amazon cancelled the series. Read the rest of this entry »

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