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I don’t write much poetry, though poems are one of the few things I’ve had published. But in these troubling times, we must explore new methods and mediums. So I’m branching out a bit.

I wrote this little ditty for a work event about a year ago and then performed it as a beat poem, sunglasses and all. It was meant to be a call to arms for great minds to get cracking in the hopes that we can innovate our way out of this mess we’re in. Today, the call is greater than ever. So here is my:

Ode to Innovation

Innovation, bold creation, mind gyration,
How shall I quest for thee?
In the sly, dry, suburban countryside
or in a midnight tide of lazy apathy?
Don’t wait, or abate our fateless world of greatness!
Your sultry eyes can hypnotize and make huge tasks feel weightless.
Great brains and willful souls, fraught and bought with the wild fire of desire,
once plagued with doubt and mired in bouts of ignorance and frustrated ire,
can find in you the spark to start with pounding heart down the path where
none have ventured
to lurk and work to shirk the jerks to whom we’re all indentured.
For the mind that finds no kind of light as he cuts the rind from his rightful life,
a glance to you, and effort true, gives one so blue a reason to concoct a means
to end his strife.
‘Tween the boring, plain, and outright mundane lies the lifeless pain of everyday
and the death of ingenuity.
Without a nod from you, the hearts of few would find the drive to right themselves
to success in perpetuity.


Harken here Creative Spark and make your mark upon the hearts of those who sit before you.
Bump and grind within our minds to move along our crusted spines; we swear we won’t ignore you.

Do you hear us? Do you fear us? For we fear not you!

Don’t hide as though your petty goal is to deprive our lives and mortal souls of finding drive to boldly strive against the humdrum, which defeats you.
But show yourself in broad daylight, from the cobweb corners of bromidic night,
apart from all the hapless doubts, and you’ll find us there to meet you.

© 2011


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