About me

I am a writer of short stories, dramatic literature, social commentary, novels, a couple of draft screenplays, marketing copy, corporate videos, and (formerly) technical documentation. I denied myself the pleasure of writing for some time. It was a mistake.

When I can, I enjoy the outdoors, the cinema, popular (and not-so-popular) music, astronomy, and the company of good friends.

I studied worldly religions, especially Judeo-Christian traditions. I was raised Catholic but can’t stand exclusionism, blind faith, or hypocrisy so I left it for a form of secular humanism that also recognizes the awesomeness of the universe as a supreme existence which I casually call ‘God.’ Don’t make a big thing out of it.

As for politics, I’m a reasonably well-informed pragmatist who believes it IS society’s responsibility to think of the big picture while also caring for less-fortunate creatures in all walks of life. I distrust political parties and large corporations and believe we’d be better off without them; mostly because I believe in honesty and sound, proactive public policy – neither of which are their priorities. In the end, you’ll probably conclude me a progressive (perhaps even a liberal – God forbid), but I try not to adhere to any labels. You shouldn’t either.

I’m a Midwest male with a penchant for warm cookies, fine whiskey, darker microbrews, a good argument (civil, of course),  and the pleasure of a beautiful woman. Who can fault me for that?

About this blog

These are my thoughts and theories on writing, society, life, language, public policy, culture, politics, religion, the environment, ethics, love, and just about anything I feel I must write about.

I really needed to start writing for myself again. Too many thoughts, too little time. I need to vent all of these petty ramblings, unchecked emotions, and potentially disturbing thoughts, so I put it all here. I hope you appreciate the honesty.

Since my posts are generally themes, and seldom are time-sensitive, I hope you’ll poke around to find ones that pique your interest. Use the tag cloud (at left) or the categories list (at bottom) to find posts on topics you are interested in.

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I don’t have a formal comment policy yet; I don’t get many comments. For now, assume that if your comment is rude, insulting, or disrespectful, I won’t let it through. If you have no gauge of rudeness, insult, or disrespect, that’s on you.

Thanks for stopping by.